Skateboard ESC are available again. We need 3-5 working days for QA, testing and packaging and will send them out immediately!


WARNING: FOC is still in deveolpment, therefor we recommend using the Skateboard ESC in BLDC mode only! Using FOC happens on your own responsibility and risk! 


Skateboard ESCsind wieder verfügbar. Wir brauchen ca. 3-5 Werktage für Kontrolle und Tests und versenden dann umgehend!


WARNUNG: FOC ist weiterhin in Entwicklung, daher raten wir zum Betrieb des Skateboard ESC ausschließlich im BLDC Modus! 

Available now: direct drive gearbox for eMountain Boards

ATB Setup made by

  • Gear box with direct drive spur wheels
  • Transmission 1:5.9
  • no belts or chains, free coasting
  • Motors: 2x 6474/200KV, sensored, 2x 3.3KW @ 10s
  • Example: 10s/4p Sony Konion VTC5 10,6Ah, 2x ESK8 Controller , Micro Remote
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